Terms and conditions of use Sunglasses Haboob

Care and maintenance Sunglasses Haboob

To help preserve the quality of their sunglasses Haboob, their
Haboob Vienne sunglasses with a microfiber cloth bag specially designed for
cleaning and storage.

Polarized lenses contain a reflective layer film designed to help reduce glare and improve contrast. This coating should be treated with special care to avoid scratching.


Haboob your glasses are guaranteed for one year (two years in the
EU), from the date of purchase against manufacturing defects.
This warranty is valid only to the original purchaser with proof of purchase of Haboob that clearly shows the date of purchase.
Haboob lenses does not guarantee against scratches. Alteration, misuse,
abuse, or installation of lenses Haboob not void the warranty. The
exclusive remedy for breach of warranty shall be the repair or
item replacement determined by haboob. This warranty does not
affect the legal rights of customers under state or national laws that apply
governing the sale of consumer goods.


Please contact our customer services under info@habbobco.com.

All Haboob Sunglasses are in accordance with EEC regulations

Index Sun Protection Sunglasses Haboob:

Sunglasses HABBOB are classified in category 3.

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